Card Acquiring

Accepting online payments VISA, MasterCard, American Express


Accepting online payments with VISA, MasterCard, American Express


Card Acquiring

A unique ChronoPay service which prevents and minimizes fraudulent transactions, protects the outlet from getting into the Fraud - Monitoring programs and possible penalties from the IPS.

Payment Page Customization

The payment page design in the client corporate style increases number of contacts and, as a result, increases the level of customer confidence in the online platform.

One Click

Allows to save the card data of a registered buyer so that for every next purchase the CVV code is only needed.

Partial 3DS

Provides possibility of incomplete disabling of the 3D-Secure protocol using fine-tuning filters of anti-fraud monitoring systems (Anti-Fraud), which are regulated depending on the type of activity, the set limits for payment amounts and the number of processed transactions for the required period.

IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

Allows to make payments with credit card in real time using a mobile or a landline phone.

Personal account

Transaction statistics, time periods for the entire history of payments comparison, including the calculation of the “average payment” amount.

Loan Repayment

Allows to repay loans online on bank and partner companies websites.

Payment Terminal

Various online payments (mobile phone, Internet, TV, housing and communal services, etc.) on the Trade&Service Company website.